Utility & Tax Payments

We Accept:

  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Debit
  • Online Banking
    • You can add the Municipality of North Norfolk as a payee.
    • Make sure you enter the correct account number.
    • Account numbers must be a minimum of 9 digits. If you don't have 9 digits insert the appropriate number of zeros the beginning of the number.
    • Please allow at least 3 business days for processing payments.
    • Make sure to select Tax for Taxes and Utility for Utilities.
  • Preauthorized Payment Program
    • Utility Preauthorized
    • Tax Preauthorized
      • We offer a preauthorized payment plan for monthly deposits toward your taxes. This allows ratepayers to make smaller monthly payments rather than one large payment. We do offer annual payments as well in July and September.

If you would like to sign up for the preauthorized payment program or if you have any questions or concerns please contact the Municipal Office and we will be glad to help you!

(204) 685-2211 or email