Photo Credit: S. Wiebe
MacGregor Health Centre 204-685-2850
Located at 87 Grafton Street
(please note, there is no emergency room service in MacGregor) For emergencies dial 911
Medical appointments are available 3 days a week at the MacGregor Clinic.
*Current providers are Dr. Omichinski, Dr. Price,     Dr. Delaquis, and Nurse Practitioner Rachel Wiebe Skouta.
Nurse Practitioner - TBA
Nurse's Station (PCH) 204-685-5700
Director of Health Services 204-685-5701
Activity Office 204-685-5702
Dietary 204-685-5703
Public Health 204-685-5705
Home Care 204-685-2681
Community Service Clerk 204-685-5707
Families First 204-685-5708
Mental Health 204-685-2686
Stakeholders Committee
The MacGregor and Area Community Stakeholders Committee is a community partnership approach which allows for the active participation in the sharing of information, problem solving and the development of strategies to meet the ongoing needs for Health Services for the citizens of Municipality of North Norfolk. This committee meets four times a year and is made up of representation from the community and area:
~Municipality of North Norfolk ~ Healthy Community Committee ~ Pine Creek School Division ~ RCMP ~ Austin Chamber of Commerce ~ MacGregor Chamber of Commerce ~ Local Spiritual Advisor ~ MacGregor/Austin Senior Support Services ~ Community Pharmacy ~ Assisted Living ~ MacGregor Health Foundation ~ Lions Club Austin ~ Lions Club MacGregor ~ Kinettes MacGregor ~ Southern Health-Santé Sud.