NorMac Handi Transit

NorMac Handi Transit Inc.   Box 277 MacGregor, MB R0H 0R0

To Book the Handivan contact:

McKelvy V O Agencies

(204) 685-2390



To become a driver contact Don Butterfield at (204) 239-7837.

Brief Summary: Vehicle 1 is a Handi-Transit. Capacity is maximum of 13 ambulant passengers and maximum of 4 wheelchair passengers. Can accommodate 7 ambulant passengers riding with 4 wheelchair passengers.

Vehicle 2 is a smaller Handivan available that can accommodate 4 ambulant passengers and 1 wheel chair.

Reservations - Should be reserved at least 48 hours ahead.

Handi Transit users will be billed at the end of every month.

Provides transportation from anywhere in the North Norfolk to appointments in outlying areas.

Normac Handi-Transit is available to book 24/7- however the service may be influenced by driver availability. Priority is given to medical appointments with adequate notice. Leisure and entertainment excursions are encouraged. The Handi-Transit can be used for all ages; however, children should be accompanied by an adult.

All residents of the Municipality of North Norfolk (including MacGregor, Austin, Sidney, Bagot, and Rossendale) may utilize the Handi-Transit, though priority is given to mobility disadvantaged clients and seniors (+55).

Meals - After 4 hours driver can claim meal $12.00.