Nor-Mac Landfill
Hours are as follows: Tuesday - Saturday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Closed Sundays and Mondays. On Tuesdays following long weekends, the Landfill will be closed. If you have any inquires regarding the Landfill please call 685-2988.
Don't forget to remove the Freon from all appliances before bringing them to the landfill. Contact a certified technician to remove the Freon. Your appliance must have a sticker provided by the technician showing that the Freon is removed before it will be allowed at the landfill.

You can also recycle your old fridge with Manitoba Hydro. Click the link below for more info:

*July 1, 2017 fees for couches, chairs, mattresses and box springs - $20.00 per item. Payment must be made in our office prior to taking the items to the landfill.

July 1, 2017 refundable fees for large demolition projects $500.00 deposits are required prior to demolitions and the $500.00 can be refunded based on how well your loads are sorted.*

 Recycling Programs Available at the Landfill:



>Used Oil & Antifreeze

>Fluorescent Lights and Tubes

     -Do not puncture or break them

     -Wrap lights in paper or place inside original packaging

     -Only residential-use CFL bulbs and tubes are accepted

>Aerosol Cans (hairspray, spray paint, etc.)


·         Interior & exterior paints

·         Latex, acrylic, water-based paints

·         Alkyd, enamel, oil-based paints

·         Deck coatings, floor paints

·         Single component varnishes and urethanes

·         Concrete, masonry, drywall and stucco paints

·         Metal and wood primers

·         Undercoats

·         Marine paint

·         Wood finishing oils

·         Wood preservatives

·         Melamine, metal and anti-rust paint, stains, shellac

·         Single component swimming pool paint

·         Stain blocking paint

·         Block fillers

·         Wood, masonry, driveway sealers and water repellants

·         Empty paint containers

·         *Maximum container size is 25 litres*

·         All types of paint aerosols (consumer, industrial and automotive)

*Maximum container is 660 grams or 24 ounce

All paint products must be in the original container



·         TV’s

·         Desktop Printers

·         Radios

·         DVD Players/VCR’s

·         Stereos

·         Computer Monitors

·         Phones/Fax Machines

·         Scanners/Copiers

·         Microwaves

·         Rechargeable Batteries

·         Laptops