Q & A
Q - What are the main symptoms associated with COVID-19?
A - Fever, cough, difficulty breathing. The symptoms can be mild (similar to a cold) or more severe (such as those associated with pneumonia and respiratory or kidney failure).
Q - How is COVID-19 spread?
A - Close contact with an infected person when the individual coughs or sneezes. Touching infected surfaces with your hands and then touching your mouth, nose, and/or eyes.
Q - How long can COVID-19 survive on objects?
A - In general, COVID-19 does not survive for long on objects. Three hours on inert objects with dry surfaces and six days on inert objects with wet surfaces.
Q - What is social distancing?
A - Avoiding common greetings such as handshakes/hugs, limiting contact with people at higher risk such as elderly individuals or individuals with pre-existing conditions, and keeping a distance of approximately 2 metres from others.
Q - Should I be wearing a mask?
A - If you are a healthy individual, the use of a mask is not recommended for preventing the spread of COVID-19.