Election 2018
Thinking of Running for Local Office?

Serving your community can be a rewarding experience. There are many good reasons to run for office—to be actively involved in the local decision-making process, contribute your experience and knowledge to the community, address issues or lead change in your community.

Potential Candidate Videos

Municipalities hold elections every four years. These elected officials are entrusted with making decisions that directly affect the daily lives of residents, families, local business owners and many others in the local community. If you’re thinking of running for local office part of the decision-making process may include considering the role you will play, how best you can serve your community and the impact you will have as an elected official.   

General information about expectations of locally elected officials, their roles and responsibilities and about how local governments make decisions is available through the link below to informative videos prepared by the Local Government Management Association, Local Government Leadership Academy, Union of B.C. Municipalities and the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing.

While the setting and any statistical information provided in the video are BC, the main material applies to the municipal election framework all across Canada. They were developed for a diverse audience of prospective candidates.

The videos feature current local government officials and staff from throughout the B.C. province providing their perspectives in five areas:

  • What is local government?
  • Characteristics of an effective local official
  • Roles and responsibilities of staff and elected officials
  • Testing readiness to be an elected official
  • What contributes to effective decision making?

    Check out the following link to access the video:

    Municipal Candidate’s Guidebook

    This guidebook is designed to assist anyone who is interested in seeking election or re-election to municipal office. It provides an overview of the election process in Manitoba and outlines the steps you need to take to run as a candidate in a municipal election.  The information in this Guidebook is general and has been prepared as a reference for municipal candidates.

    Candidates are responsible to know the rules and comply with the legislation. Candidates should refer to The Municipal Act for specific legislative requirements. 
    Information about the Municipality of North Norfolk

    Understanding the current initiatives and state of the municipalities is critical in being an effective leader for the community. Information about the municipality can be found on the Municipalities website

    Have Questions?

    For more information contact:

    Senior Election Officer, Laura Burke at or

  • Manitoba Municipal Relations, Municipal Finance and Advisory Services, Phone 204-945-2572 or check out