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Amann Park

Amann Park — A Welcoming Place


In 2022, the Amann family was honoured to donate a parcel of land for a community park to serve the North Norfolk Municipality and the Town of Austin.


The Amann family resided on the farmstead located on the west side of Highway 34, adjacent to the CPR main line. The property between Highway 34 and the town (the portion east of Squirrel Creek which is now Amann Park) was used for harvesting hay, grazing cattle and horses, and was also a favourite playground for the Amann children and a great many of their friends. 


Whether it involved swimming in the ponds behind the beaver dams (that Fred routinely removed much to the kids’ chagrin), playing shinny hockey in winter or hide-and-seek in summer, skating, snowshoeing and skiing along the frozen creek, this land has always been a joyful, welcoming place. Fred and Loreen Amann strongly believed in the importance of family, friends and community. These values were instilled into Fred by his parents, Konrad and Louise, who had lived on the farmstead since the early 1900s. Fred and Loreen then took the three pillars of family, friends and community to new levels, providing the foundations for strong, vibrant and healthy lives. 


The entire Amann family (Fred, Loreen, children Catherine, Ron and Rick, and grandson Aaron) were active in the community, participating and volunteering on many teams, organizations and community endeavours. These activities resulted in countless valuable life lessons and created many treasured and lifelong friendships.


Living in the Austin community allowed the Amann kids to achieve significant success in sports at the local, national and international level. Austin also provided the educational groundwork for the kids to pursue their academic dreams. These achievements are directly attributable to the community in which they were raised, and the many friends who directly and indirectly contributed to their successes. The Amann kids have always been extremely proud to name Austin as their hometown.


It is also with tremendous pride and gratitude that the Amann family donated land to the Town of Austin and the North Norfolk Municipality, with the sincerest hope and desire that the community will come together to create a vision for a park that incorporates and reflects the Amann values of family, friends and community. 


It is the family’s intention in donating this portion of the property that Amann Park will continue to be a warm, welcoming, shared space for family, friends and community for generations to come.


The Amann Family:

  • Fred and Loreen Amann
  • Daughter Catherine (son Aaron and grandson Ayden Bone-Amann)
  • Son Ron (Ginette) 
  • Son Rick (Ellen)