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Bulk Water Stations

Bulk Water is Available in both Austin and MacGregor.

Bulk water cards must be purchased ($15) at the Municipal office 27 Hampton St E, MacGregor.  

Water is prepaid (in office) and loaded onto the card. Payment available: cheque, cash, debit, e-transfer (memo: bulk water & name) Cards can be reused/refilled and can be used at both Austin and MacGregor Bulk Water Stations. Money loaded onto bulk water cards is non-refundable.

Water rates as of February 1st 2024: 

$18.25 per 1000 gal for MacGregor

$19.00 per 1000 gal for Austin

Hook ups needed: 3" male cam lock coupler. A length of hose that reaches from the bottom of the building to your tank. You will need a reducer if you prefer a smaller hose.

Bulk Water Instructions:

1.  Insert card chip first

2. Follow prompts on screen. Be sure to enter desired amount of water in imp gal.

3. If you want the water to stop before you have reached the inputted amount/volume, press STOP button.

4. Once water has completely stopped you may remove your card.