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Photo Credit: J. Wiebe

If you wish to make a donation to any of these cemeteries, please make cheques payable to the Municipality of North Norfolk.  In order to receive a tax deductible receipt, donations must be over $25.00. Cheques can be mailed to Box 190 MacGregor, MB  R0H 0R0.

Austin Cemetery
Box 454, Austin, MB  R0H 0C0
Contact: Janice Wiebe
Phone: 204-249-0845
Contact: Arlene Jarema

Phone: 204-466-2838
3 km South of #1 Hwy on Hwy #34,
East 1/2 mile on Rd 59N

Plots are $50.00 each. This includes cornerstones, payable to Austin Cemetery. Perpetual maintenance fee of $150.00 one time and is tax deductible, payable to the Municipality of North Norfolk.
$1100.00 per niche and $2000.00 for a companion niche.  One niche will hold two small urns. A niche is 12x12x17.  There is no perpetual maintenance fee and engraving is done at your own expense at Portage La Prairie.

For plot purchases or staking of a plot please contact Janice Wiebe by phone or email. 
For information regarding historical requests please contact Arlene Jarema.

Beaver Cemetery
Box 241, MacGregor, MB  R0H 0R0
Contact: Robert Smith 
Phone: 204-685-2812
Contact: Kenneth Wright 
Phone: 204-685-2544

3 miles North of the #1 Hwy between Rd 54W & Rd 55W

MacGregor Cemetery
Box 412, MacGregor, MB  R0H 0R0
Contact: Kevin Henry - Secretary
Phone: 204-871-0343                                                                                                                                            
Contact: Cam Cleaver - Chairperson
Phone: 204-239-8142

1 mile South of #1 Hwy on PR #350, 1/2 mile East on Rd 65N

Rosehill Cemetery
Box 593, MacGregor, MB  R0H 0R0
Contact: Roger Leckie 
Phone: 204-685-2368

7.5 miles South of #1 Hwy on Rd 60W

Sidney Cemetery
Box 72, Sidney, MB  R0H 1L0
Contact: Joan Manns 
Phone: 204-466-2799

3 km South of Sidney on Hwy #352, 1/2 mile East on Rd 59N