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Stride Centre canteen shifts are booked using

We are always looking for people to volunteer! If you would like to volunteer - you must email Karla Gurke and she will send you an invitation to Volunteer Spot to sign up.
Contact Karla at 204-685-2202 or
Make sure to keep the link that is sent to you by Karla to go back and change any of your shifts, or to see who you are working with/any changes.
Before your shift starts please see Arena Staff for the Canteen key.

It is your responsibility to fill your shift that you signed up for.

If you need to cancel or change any of your shifts please do so through Volunteer Spot.

All instructions for the Canteen are posted inside the Canteen.

If you have questions, contact Karla at the email link above. If the link does not work - copy and paste it into your email.

Stride Centre Canteen has given back to the Stride Centre!

2012/2013 - $10,000 - 6 sets of doors installed
2013/2014 - $15,000 - Water fountain and dressing room upgrades
2014/2015 - $10,000 - Wheel chair elevator and signs/ice logos
2015/2016 - $11,000 - Elevator, paint, and kitchen upgrades
2016/2017 - $12,500 - Elevator, paint and kitchen upgrades
2017/2018 - $15,000 - LED lights